“IRVINGTON Authentic because the owner molded it after bistros in his hometown in India.
Some of the dishes you can't find anywhere, unless you were to eat at the owner's mother's kitchen.
Chutney Masala Indian Bistro doesn't feel or look like a traditional Indian restaurant though.”

“The restaurant in Westchester I always want to go to on rare nights off is Chutney Masala. The entire menu is great, but the dish that I would eat every day is their chili chicken. There is absolutely nothing I would change, and we often order an extra to eat the next day for leftovers.” – Chris Vergara of Harper’s in Dobbs Ferry, Saint George inHastings-on-Hudson, and Meritage in Scarsdale
“There are a lot of dishes that I love in Westchester. My new favorite is the whole pompano from the tandoori oven at Chutney Masala in Irvington. It is so simple and perfect. The fish is nice and tender, and it’s unreal how crispy the skin is.” - Eric Kornof Wolfert’s Roost in Irvington.”

“One taste of the traditional Indian street dish started my love affair with Chef Navjot Arora’s food.”
“I’d never been to Chutney Masala before, never tasted Chef Arora’s food. His first course had me hooked, and I was completely smitten by the end of the meal.”

“Great food begins with the finest ingredients and Chutney Masala uses only the freshest and most wholesome with no artificial flavorings or additives.”
“For the past two years, his two Irvington eateries—Chutney Masala and Sambal Thai & Malaysian—participated in IntoxiKate’s Eating for Orange, a social media effort with Feeding Westchester to help raise awareness about the one in five people in the county who qualify as food insecure. After his participation last year, Arora decided to donate a portion of a month’s proceeds from both restaurants to Feeding Westchester.”